Harvest Raid XXVI - Site Rules & FAQs

Site Rules

All garbage must be brought to the dumpster outside the kitchen or into the hall.

Please do not drive across the grass by the heavy field - at least one spot in the middle is wet and we would hate to have anyone get stuck. Yes, it has happened before.

This site is discretely damp. (e.g. Alcohol is permitted, but should be consumed from period containers, and should not be obvious to the casual observer). In past years people were not discrete, and this will not be tolerated this year. If you are falling down drunk, you are not being discrete. Bringing a keg into the hall is not discrete. Please let us know if this is confusing. We are sorry, but we do not have room to store your alcoholic beverages in the kitchen - the refrigerator is full of food for the feast.

There will be several young adults on site. Anyone found providing alcohol to someone under 21 years of age will be evicted from the site as soon as possible without violating state DWI laws. No refunds will be given. Anyone under the age of 21 found to be consuming alcohol will be removed from the site, and if appropriate, parents will be notified. No refunds will be given. Anyone being disorderly and refusing to abide by these laws will be free to discuss it with the authorities. We are more serious about this than you can possibly imagine.

Please do not wash dishes in the restrooms. Water will be provided after the feast for clean-up.

Open flames are permitted in the hall.

Pets are not permitted again this year. There may be a few service dogs on site, but they are working animals.

Please do not let unsupervised children play by the Lake. Children who are found to be unsupervised on a frequent basis will be asked to leave (with their parents). No refunds will be given.


If we should happen to have poor weather, fighting and fencing may be relocated to either the covered pavilion near the thrown weapons field or the lower level of the hall. Announcements will be made.

We are sorry, but there is no indoor merchant space. All merchants must be set up outdoors in the area surrounding the heavy list. There is space for one or two tables on the back porch. Please do not use any tables from the hall. Please direct any questions to the Event Steward.

Restrooms (with flush toilets) are located in two out buildings (one to the left of the road by cabins 1-4 and one across the camp behind cabins 5/6 and 7/8). There are also restrooms in the main hall.