Harvest Raid 2017

Friday, September 29 from 5:00pm thru Sunday, October 1 until 12:00pm
Lake Chautaqua Lutheran Center, 5013 Route 430 in Bemus Point, NY 14712
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Please send reservations to Duchess Dorinda Courtenay c/o Dorinda Courtine-White at 47 Chestnut St. Jamestown, NY 14701, Reservations@heronter.info Phone - (716)664-5487 (before 10 pm please), feast levels will be set by the Monday before, but we are likely to sell out so please do not wait. Please make checks payable to SCA NY, inc - Shire of Heronter.

Fees for this year are as follows:

Adult Event Registration: $15
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10
Youth ages 0-17 Registration: Free!

Feast: $12.00 for Adults, (Ages 13-17, full price) (Ages 5-12, half price) (Ages 0-4 free, but must reserve to have a chair.)

Cabin Space: $6.00 for Adults, $3.00 for ages 17 & under.

Tent Fee: $1.00 for Adults (for the Weekend).

Food will be served all day; Begining with Saturday breakfast, prepared by Lord Tronose Modoc (Matthew Loveland) and a scrumptious sideboard prepared by Baroness Rynea Von Lingen (Kristie Seib). All of this deliciousness will tease your appetite to savor the traditional Heronter Feast, planned and stunningly executed by Sir Ian (Ian Ashbaugh), Meszaros Janos (Daniel Casey O'Donovan) and Lord Bovi Davidsson (Matthew Kornaker). Reserve your spot post haste for this fun-filled weekend! The fun begins on Sept. 29 at 5 PM, and the site closes on Oct,1 at noon.

For feast questions and dietary concerns, please contact us at faecarnifex@gmail.com