Heronter Policies

These policies conform to all civil laws, Society policies and Kingdom policies. In case of conflict, the higher authority prevails.

  1. Local Customs Concerning Shire Officers and Elections
    1. All officers shall be up for replacement once per year.
    2. Officers may be re-elected to their current office.
    3. Officers shall be chosen from eligible members of the populace by popular election by eligible members of the populace. (see section 1.f)
      1. Elections shall be held according to the following schedule:
      2. December/January elections
        • Seneschal
        • Chronicler
        • Archery Captain
        • Fencing Marshall
        • Thrown Weapons Marshall
        • Webmaster
        May/June elections
        • Exchequer
        • Herald
        • Knight Marshall
        • Minister of Arts and Sciences
        • Minister of the Lists
        • Chatelain/Castellan
      3. Officer transition is to take place within two (2) weeks of the elections, with notification sent to the Kingdom Officers as soon as possible.
    4. Deputy positions will be filled by the group of officers above.
    5. Seneschal and Exchequer must have drop-dead deputies.
    6. Officers and deputies must be at least 18 years of age.
    7. Eligible members of the populace are defined as those who meet the following conditions:
      1. Paid membership in the SCA at any level.
      2. Age 14 or over.
      3. Live in the shire zip codes.
    8. In the event that an officer must step down part way through their term of office, the Seneschal will choose an interim replacement as soon as possible. In the event that there are more than six (6) months remaining in the term office, the Seneschal will call for a special election as quickly as possible, and the winner of the special election will replace the interim officer until the next regularly scheduled election.
  2. Voting Procedure
    1. All items needing popular vote of the eligible members (see 1.f) of the shire including elections of officers, expenditures, events, etc., shall be announced at least one (1) week prior to the vote. Announcement shall consist of a verbal announcement at an official event or shire meeting along with one or more of the following: publication in the shire newsletter, publication in the shire’s business yahoo group, publication in the shire’s regular yahoo group, posted on the shire’s webpage. The announcement must contain all information necessary to submit a proxy vote.
    2. A quorum is defined as 12 eligible members for a majority vote. Eligible members may submit votes either in person, via posting in the shire’s business yahoo group, via posting in the shire’s regular yahoo group, via e-mail, by mail or by proxy to the Seneschal. All votes not submitted in person or by proxy in person, must reach the Seneschal by midnight of the day previous to the vote. In the event that a quorum is not reached, voting will be re-done at the following shire meeting.
  3. Financial
    1. The Seneschal and the Exchequer may approve expenditures of $50 or less.
    2. Expenditures between $50 and $100 must be approved by a majority of the officers (this does not include deputies).
    3. Expenditures over $100 must be approved by a popular vote according to Section 2 unless they are part of normal event expenses, and the Shire has approved the event. Bonafide emergency expenditures may be approved by a majority of officers. Such expenditures will be announced to the populace.
    4. In all cases the officers are encouraged to consult the populace for their opinions on specific expenditures.
  4. Events
    1. Bids for official and non-official events will be brought before the shire at weekly meetings.
    2. Selection of an Event Steward must be approved by a majority of the officers.
    3. Only individuals with previous experience as Head Cook or those with equivalent modern experience, may run kitchens at official events. Exceptions will be made only with 75% or more support of the officers with preferences given to those who have worked with a mentor at previous feasts.
    4. All event bids must include a copy of the Exchequer advance planning form.
      1. Kitchen budget requires Exchequer and Event Steward approval only.
      2. Once accepted, no reimbursement will occur for over expenditure without Event Steward, Seneschal and Exchequer approval.
    5. Any event bid that forecasts a financial loss must be approved by a popular vote as stated in Section 2.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. These policies may be changed by a popular vote as defined in Section 2.

Last modified 10/30/2008.